Note: Many technical documents are confidential and cannot be shared outside of the company. For more information on these kinds of documents, email me. However, public facing documentation and communications samples are below:

Job Description:

Do You Want To Make Innovative Tech, and Save The World Too? Then Come Be A FlipSwitch Developer!

We’re looking for a cream of the crop mid- to senior-level application developer to help change the world one kid at a time. How are we changing it? By hiring crazy smart people to build great educational technology.

So, there’s only one question: Are you in?

OK, so there’s more than one question. Who are we anyway?

Since 2001 FlipSwitch has proudly been focused on creating the best quality education applications and curriculum for our K-12 clients and their students. The IT department is organized into cross functional scrum teams who thrive on working together to solve problems and also product high quality work as an individual. That way the products we ship are the most superb, creative, and user-friendly ones that can be produced.

Why should you work for us?

  • Well offer you a very competitive salary aligned with industry standards along with bonus opportunities, 401(k) matching, life, health, dental, and vision insurance options.
  • You’ll work with application development gurus who are going to push you to be better every day at work. That means working in multiple languages on a variety of new and different features while you are building products with a purpose.
  • You’ll get to speak your mind freely in an ever-changing team environment and be rewarded for your new ideas and your initiative.
  • You’ll get a chance to test your creativity with our quarterly FlipIt Day where you get to shed the day-to-day work and focus on something innovative and out of the box.
  • You’ll build a camaraderie with your coworkers that goes past the office walls.
  • Speaking of past the office walls, you’ll get invited to team events to bond with colleagues from all sections of the department and the company.
  • You’re never far from a whiteboard to help organize work and hash out the latest and greatest ideas and you are never stuck in a cubicle. You’ve got full view of what your team and the other teams are working on.
  • Plus, we have a casual work environment, complete with up-to-date hardware and software and a ping pong table, too!

Who exactly are we looking for?

We’re looking for the best of the best and maybe that’s you. That is as long as you’ve got what it takes: an attention to detail, an ownership mentality about work, and a desire to grow personally and professionally in a place that values integrity and respect. (A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.)

We’re drawn to a stellar candidate that has got potential and/or experience. You don’t have to know everything and have a bunch of experience, but knowledge of the following technologies will help a star candidate hit the ground running:

Front-End Technology:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript/JQuery (and possibly other libraries/frameworks like KnockOut.js Require.js, Durandal.js, etc.)

Services Technology:

Data Technology:

  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Stored Procedures

Process Methodology:

  • Mostly Agile Scrum

To apply: Please email your resume.


Release Notes:

Release 36, 4.16.2014

Release Notes 4.16.14

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