I make things

I’ve been asked a lot lately how to describe myself and I keep coming back to one important center in my life: I make things. Professionally, I write. Sometimes, I write lots of fun things. Sometimes, they even let me touch a video. Or write a fun little quiz. But at home, I like making […]

The Layover

One of the most dreaded parts of any last minute trip to me is getting through the unpleasantness of airport travel. Of taking off shoes and walking through detectors and standing in lines. But my least favorite part is the dreaded plane change. Yes, I had a layover on this trip to Philadelphia on the […]

Sister Citizen is changing my life

I am an unabashed Melissa Harris-Perry fan. I think she’s smart, unafraid to wear braids on television, and an objectively “cool” kind of public intellectual in the tradition of a long line of black feminism, but also just good writers pondering worthwhile topics to move public discourse forward. (Side note: How does one get the job […]

“Wait, so why do you live in Arizona?”

Between the effect of local political activists on policymaking, which with SB 1062 raised concerns about if state legislation could try and legalize discrimination; between police firing pepper spray into crowds (and the reporters covering them) that took the streets after the Arizona Wildcats lost in overtime in the NCAA Tournament; between the water issues of Tucson that makes the […]

Good ol’ fashioned book learnin’

I have been resolving to read more this year, an unofficial New Year’s resolution, but more just a resolution to include things that enrich my life into it, including but not limited to eating better, exercising regularly, learning how to play more than three chords on the guitar and more than just super basic HTML/CSS […]