About Me


Jazmine Woodberry is a journey(wo)man journalist turned marketing communications maven.


After nearly half a decade as a reporter and editor published by Thomson Reuters, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times Co., Huffington Post, The Arizona Republic, Gourmet News, the Arizona Daily Star, the Tucson Weekly and others, she moved to business communications. She’s worked with local startups and nonprofits as well as Fortune 500 companies in arenas ranging from retail, animal welfare, education, finance and technology — and is currently a global marketing manager for Fortune 100 B2B tech company, Avnet. She’s also principal of Berry Media, where she creates marketing communication plans and deliverables for SMBs.

A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Arizona, Jazmine also taught journalism during her undergraduate career, mentoring hundreds of students in freshmen-level university courses.

In her free time, Jazmine gobbles up new books, music, and movies, cooks as much as she can. She’s also an avid camper and traveler, visiting 50+ locations in the last 2 years.

They said it: “Jazmine always brought a positive, open attitude […], and I truly feel blessed to have worked with her. Not only does she excel in professionalism, but she exudes warmth and enthusiasm at all times.”

– Laura Donovan, L.A.-based writer